[ You have somehow made it through a hacking of www.MiningMagazines.com further explained on a sister publication of www.AlaskaMining.com, you need to know that the Win Group of Silver Mining Claims, Bowser Creek, Post River, Alaska were closed out by the Alaska Department of Lands for a non-payment of a $4,000 rental payment on a property I have personally spent $400,000 dollars over 40 years.

Therefore, the 5,000 visitors per day to something I have lost control of, even on this URL need to realize that whoever is behind this property theft really needs to be called before a "Save Our Internet" Special Investigation Committee. ]



Thanksgiving Day Gift... Which are Warnings with Benefits:

1) The first off is that it has been proven that any of the E-mail address I have listed on all of my MiningMagazines.com will not work for your reply unless it is already in your computer or smart phone address book???. So again if you want to make sure you got through call my smart phone 503-753-5868, and if that doesn't work my dumb phone 541-992-6313.

I know that a reasonable number of my locked Adobe Acrobat PDFs have been downloaded that have a linked reply to the number shown in the graphic protected arc, has not worked, at all, as one would assume for those who have taken the time to download the 224 page U.S. Geological Survey, State of Alaska studies, and reports from Vancouver, BC, 53-101 consulting geologists.

Which, as my stopwatch at age 76 is ticking away, with my un trustable "spoiled brat" offspring, not caring, Therefore my gift to younger want-to-be-miners is very easy way to do due diligence by paying the Alaska Depart of Lands rental payment to follow up my having filed proper Assessment Work Affidavits.

And, as my real desire to finish my career with building something worthwhile, as www.FoamKrete.com (LLC) homes, with AlaskaRangeSolar.com smart roofs, this good faith act would give someone the legal equity backing to start-up an Alaska LLC, or simple C-corp, to sell product instead of paper.

Call for my ADL Bill number which needs to be "receipted" before Noon, Monday, after which I will step back in to take care of business. Call Barry at 503-753-5868.

2) The second warning, this Turkey Morn, from a Casey Research Daily Dispatch, a Wall Street financial newsletter, which correctly predicted other financial bubbles bursting. What you might pay attention to as a taxpayer, is their "fine Print" warning is that all of us most likely will feel the pay the price for a coming bankruptcy of an implied major American "pump and dump" bank.

misdirection warning

There is truth in an old market adage of, "individuals in bear markets are never let out; in bull markets they never let you in"!

If you are wondering how you as an individual can buy-in low, prudently, on the anticipated dramatic rise in the spot price of silver, something the supply side of American mining knows for certain has to happen, then help other speculators coming together, crowd funding style by forming Alaska Range Solar to buy me... a 76 year old prospector looking for a retirement plan of my own... out with;

Plan A...Cash, as figured by, a lowball industry standard of 20% of the proven ore's value, as spreadsheet documented on this page as a project ready to mine, of a cash price of $5 Million, today, with a continuing retained 2% royalty. Not that much more than acquiring a Park Avenue apartment with maintenance fees?Stockpile silver

The less than actual figure of reserves has to do with a few tons of ore less that was helicopter lifted for processing into ounce bars when silver was at $3, and lead was actually a penalty. This is the stockpile left. Know also that when surface ore is mined, additional indicated ore is exposed.

Plan B... Joint Venture based on the Excel spreadsheet below, with a $5 Million contribution based in part on 800,000 + ounces of silver exposed on the surface, some assaying up to $300 ounces per ton,even on what may be the five year bottom using the cranked in commodity prices show below, and a mining cost of $20 per ton, for a safe $2.3 M mining cost, that would expose increased values in the indicated ore calculations, it still would be profitable to actually produce a physical product.

I am very aware that spot silver prices are about ready to explode, partly because solar has come into the game from nowhere to replace silver halide film industrial use, and the uses of galena ore for photovoltaic systems has jumped from 5%, to over 50% in just five years,

So somehow join me and others raising a prudent cash flow of $5 million to jump start high grade physical product shipping to market. Given the spreadsheet values below, on the viable 118,163 tons of galena ore, mineable at $20 per ton, or $2.36 million, a new privately held joint venture corporation make "supply side" sense.

Given the numbers, for a real 50% for $5 million for $5 million earn-in joint venture that could be organized on a 2% option, or $100,000, and minimum annual per year for maintenance before the State of Alaska 3% royalty kicks in after $3 M has been grossed out of production. The final claim transfer out of escrow into 50-50% partnership units will be indexed for a raise in minerals prices, just as the contributions to mining costs would deal with inflation.

Plan C... ECO Building Materials Corporation to take advantage of the growing demand for photovoltaic silver, and other elements in galena "thin film solar" ore, for a global climate change energy answer of off-grid rooftops, on CLC concrete thermal insulated affordable housing walls.

The advantage of taking AlaskaRangeSolar (LLC), and FoamKrete LLC, as explained below in "bundle" market plans, is that this "precious metal" corporation could escape the unjust exclusion of mining from Reg D, and other Blue Sky laws of discrimination that have led right into a controlled monopoly of IPO abuses.

Given that the corporate mission would be to produce product, instead of paper, opens up all sorts of financial vehicles, attractive to passive participation in the newly approved A+ jobs corporations, or Master Limited Partnerships (where investors would have an "at risk" Schedule C write off) and still be liquid list able on a big board, or even a COOP formed along the lines of REI, Best Western Motels, Tillimook Cheese,etc.

All of these offers depend on someone locking in the spreadsheet spot price of the day, as long as it remains posted, by calling 503-753-5868 and arranging a small bank to bank transfer for a good faith due diligence period holding fee. Part of the consideration applying to my total position could be real estate, or yacht suitable for my semi-retirement to deal with reformatting an unhackable MiningMagazines.com, also for sale.

Some ambitious young man one who likes playing Texas holdum might see the risky opportunity of negotiations for himself holding an option for a "finders fee" leveraged syndication positioning to others looking for participation in an early buy-in start-up company, or even total control right now of two major claim groups, sans royalty, explained on the under laying ECO-Mineral-Stockpile.net.

The phone/text number is 503-753-5868. Identify yourself by a, "Barry... I'm looking for a deal"!

Loan for silver

The shining sample shown at the top of this web page header is argentious galena (silver / zinc / copper / lead ) very much needed in a shortfall of production expected to meet the demand for 100 million ounces of silver alone in 2014, up from 38 million ounces in 2012.

The simple truth of 'photovoltaic metals' commodity prices listed below, at a five year low, of the in-ground stockpile at Bowser Creek, McGrath A2 Quadrangle, Alaska is why now might be good time to take a closer look at the professional discipline of continuously chip sampling of hand dug trench ore for assay as 43-101 documentation. Then reach for a phone to secure a "good faith" holding position, no matter the final financial vehicle to do something useful, other than hedge fund platform trading, or HFT flash flipping a bitcoin where the 99% somehow always seen to loose.

CommoditiesTo due diligence double checking my trust in using figures, click on my daily source for spot silverand base metals prices.

And talking about due diligence trust, a brief explanation for my angry double barrel HALT trying to fight back against a mysterious anonymous liable on the handshake honor of Barry Murray, AKA "TheProspector" on Linkedin, by a disinformation cyber attack on this web site, that clearly has a www tag <meta name = "DISTRIBUTION" content="USA" /> intended for American based search engines for dealing with U.S. Mining Law of 1872 claims.

Which makes it difficult for the guilty to explain away a posted "claim jumping inFight Spamvasion" by 98% of bot spider crawlers, reported on our hidden webstats, are from China, Russia, and evil North American pranksters with an intent to trick readers by misinformation, and the blocking of what we consider a valid click-through links protecting our advertising partners.

We thank you for clicking on through past purposely sabotaged "certificates" and "potential phishing" warnings, the same as large American industrial, tech, and Internet dependant industries have been infested with lately, to bravely access information on my simple single signer controlled claims I have held since 1980, as reported on this resource site, online since 2001.

I, after a waste of a huge loss of time and energy have concluded lately that 98% of this web site attack on silverminingclaims.com's integrity lays in illegal links, again only visibly reported in our private access web stats. Such as unasked for links to Russian porn, with very young looking girls; and negative SEO keyword attack services; and the blackest of all being bot based offers to release individual computers from a malware denial of delivery attack. Was that what happened recently to the Secretary of Defense's e-mail? Doesn't that in our face attack, by a masked mob at least qualify for use of the antiterrorist Patriot Act to protect USA delivered e-mail?

Without getting anymore political about hacked e-mail service that does not have the built in protections of USPS wire fraud inspectors, or apparently the surveillance of false advertising by a once powerful FTC, might I suggest Senator Bob Dole forced the expensive HDTV conversion issue by reminding network broadcasters they were only licensed to use publicly owned "wireless" airwaves, and that as "publishers" individual stations themselves were somewhat liable for accepting misleading advertising. Bring that concept up to date dealing with misleading altered screen dump spoofs, not hosted on a known USA certified ISP, and go after them with Bill Clinton's Copyright laws that promised criminal punishment as a deterrent.

Recently as Barry Murray, logging into my own, since 1998, online URL of BarryMurray.com, my curriculum vitae site, with a  <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NO INDEX"> listing , I was warned about being spoofed by someone named 'Barry Murray'. The meaningful point here is I was trying to protect my personal site from being forced to play the hugely successful World Wide Web video / computer war game of "Phishing", by purposefully not submitting keywords to search engines consideration.

And somehow there is is with BarryMurray.com@gmail.com being "blacklisted" or directed elsewhere's; when  my very outspoken www.MiningMagazines.com / www.TheProspector.com, with a barrymurray@theprospector.com sometimes works, if I physically filter through the 100's of spam mail messages I get daily for simply being an information highway content provider that is almost broken down on the side of the road.

Talk about the e-mail danger of using of a cyber based identity theft of a former USAF reconnaissance intelligence operator, still honoring a lifetime serious one step above top secret clearance, unlike the recent defection of military UCMG traitors, being hacked by sophisticated listeners that clearly are not the NSA! I hereby authorize my government to hire that cute blond on Cyber CSI to see if she can reach into my private ISP Mac&Murray publishing rack and remove those unwanted dark web links that taint all of my online magazines to misdirect American First Amendment protected published content to newsstand distribution in Cimm City, Nowhere.

Isn't it rather stupid that our Information Highway was established as a defense tactic to communicate between universities with sensitive research contracts, has been breached to the point that the SECNAV was embarrassed? And how can I complain in open free speech text forum, against encrypted propaganda from closed societies?

As for, who, what, why, where, when would finance "dirty tricks", simply follow the money. I don't believe, as I have well established honorable contacts with Chinese mining equipment manufacturers filling a need for sophisticated tools American CEO's abandoned, and small book litho printing businesses anxious to please, I don't see Peoples Republic worker society at fault.

Nor, having communicated by sharing FoamKrete ideas back and forth through Linkedin with CLC concrete researchers Pakistan and Iran's similar nepheline syenite deposits, half a world away, at fault for desperately looking for low cost humanitarian answers for meeting demand basic shelter.

However, also when following the identifiable financial benefits of multinational espionage of American supply side economics, is a very different two-sided coin. As I found out publishing in 2013, on www.MiningInvestment.com an editorial about the coming golden yuan. This was the start of my cyber war, and a resulting loss of advertising revenue through a diminished SEO position with everyone but www.baidu.com. Today the algorithm trigger phrases might be something containing IMF, and multinational banking manipulation of the Euro / Yuan / Ruble, or talking about silver in currency wars babblespeak against the USD trade dollar through an international market basket price.

Since every negative write up on any www.MiningMagazines.com site triggers an evil Dr. Whois? misdirecting imposter sites pretending to be my corporate site of Mac & Murray Multimedia, founded in 1987, and online since 1998, and for 16 years reachable through MacandMurray@gmail.com. Until I get my mistrusted "spam blacklisting" cleared up answering to my e-mail along with this address together as a blind CC, in any reply from what might be your malware directed computer. Please help by "whitelisting". If you do not receive a reply, then call/text 503-753-5868, and if this doesn't work, then snail mail Barry Murray, 3703 Alsea River Highway, on the road to Table Mountain, Waldport, OR 97394.

The above mention of copyright protected content theft, being used against this "magazine man" with credits in LIFE, etc. is why we are switching over to locked Adobe Acrobat PDF easily downloaded as a document source, and printable to presented in court if need be. The scrolling one page is to get away from magazine style linking to back pages that also appear at risk. Sorry about any disruption you may have experienced when searching for free information, as the trend with financial newsletters publishers seems to be protection by limited subscription.

This downloadable PDF containing the U.S. Geological Survey find USGS Silver of   a discovery specific Circular 559, and regional Circular 569 ; State of Alaska Division of Mines & Geology Report #74-2 ; U.S. Office of Minerals Exploration Application ; E.J. Longyear Drilling Company Presentation ; Homestake Mineral Development Property Examination ; Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations RI 9022 ; Bureau of Mines Materials Characterization Laboratory Report ; Alaska Department of Natural Resources Professional Report 91, University of Alaska thesis, and a five independent consulting geologists reports, needs to be followed by:

1) A 2003 BLM Sampling Results

2) A 2008 Polymetallic Ore Project Report

The breaking news on the deposit in the banks of Bowser Creek is I just learned that a Kuskokwim River Mining District neighbor had sold out to Brazil currently experiencing a stock market crash, in a time when major mining companies are have trouble raising development funds, I am rather excited that the long overdue silver rush may finally be happening to replenish our national stockpile shortage.

gas line to silver

And the release of an Alaskan "roads to resources" state and private industry pipeline map, to help solve a transportation problem, which has been the only thing holding this property back since the U.S. Geological Survey Circular 559 documented of 300 Ounce Silver in 1968. Especially when snow machines have developed to the point of connecting regional wintertime production with ice roads.

Now is the time to follow through on these market studies:

What you might not know about solarSilver Virtual TourThin Film Photovoltaics

The news on silver in offshore banks is I have learned that at a time when the US strategic reserves of industrial silver are so low, the long and short of supply and demand for Albert Einstein's photovoltaic energy silver has led to bringing back a tariff on imported solar silver panels, in retaliation perhaps for President Obama's jobs protective financial support for a struggling solar industry, ending up in Taiwan? What happened to silver supply

And when a deregulated multinational bank "to big to jail for escaping felony charges by paying off fines as if misdemeanor parking tickets" has seemed to exploit an insider trade advantage of deep pockets manipulation of a Long Bull vs: Short Bear by being a Wolverine Middleman, that seems to have by passed the Hog Hunt Brother's attempt, shortly after President Nixon took the U.S. off the silver dollar standard. A true blunder when it was easy to see what was happening to the paper value of a supposed solid English Pound of Sterling Silver.

According to a number of financial industry newsletters as Ted Butler's, and Ed Steers that also have been embarrassing censored, and "casino hedge fund" capital corporations coming to a realization that it is extremely difficult trying to explain away the difference of derivative banking "dollars" and the true value of a commodity that has had a known bartering worth when traded for other necessities of life as shelter, land, food, clean water, and a need for collective, intelligent, and today's diminishing USA resource of productive manpower at work.

My conformation that a drastic change in silver management is coming to adjust the real value as a usable product, instead of unverified electronic credits that could crash when someone trips over a computer cord, came with a PDF LearCapital Investor Kit asking "What Does JPMorgan Know That We Don't?"

With business style bullets for attention to 'fair use quotable paragraphs', the facts came out as this:

•  In 2012, JPMorgan held 5 million ounces of silver.
•  In just 3 Years they've increased that amount to 55 million ounces!
•  Currently silver is trading is BELOW its all-in production costs.

Which seems to validate my statement that it is almost impossible to build a long range manufacturing business to sell actual product with all over the board spot commodity prices. The updated Excel supply side spreadsheet presented here is meant to help stabilize a bottom of what really is an industrial metals product bundle, consisting of pounds of zinc, copper, and lead very difficult to flip in a securities flash trade.

Hopefully real solar energy feed stocks, as advertised here, could be the equity backing on a start-up (hopefully with a US Veterans affinity perk) check and balanced A+ corporation > or a AlaskaRangeSolar.com LLC> leading to a ECOhousingofAmerica.com CO-OP as:

•  Photovoltaic solar silver, verified by field testing for 30-years, not to wear out.
•  Is best safely stored in plain sight, imbedded, on a family's roof for future recycling.
•  Where it doesn't require paying bank negative interest and vault storage fees.
•  And if included in a mortgage, will turn monthly electric bill charges into housing payment.

That should make sense to the do-it yourself long term retirement investor, hoping to keep ahead of deflation /hidden hyper inflation, by turning your off-grid home into a financial shelter fortress.

This "bundle option" that really could become an investor managed long term retirement investment choice, with benefits that bankruptcy skilled golden parachute CEO's most likely would not, could not, pass along to shareholders as a affordable dream retirement home in an off-grid almost self sufficient gated community through the ECO synergy of, AlaskaRangeSolar.com and FoamKrete.com, headed to a www.ECOhousingofAmerica.com dream.

For assessment work on both my NephelineSyenite.com claimsGreen Mining, and these SilverMiningClaims, I have been working on sampling the raw feedstock material to smelt own by an old fashioned, simple, Irish pot where the lower temperature melting crushed lead recovery can be poured into deep cycle storage battery plates. The remaining impurities "pad" of dirty silver (less than expensive .995) plus an also photovoltaic comparable zinc, and copper mix, is further crushed to thin-film fineness, which embeds very well onto a curing rooftop panels of FoamKrete's dirty silica sand (less expensive than clean room wafers), which is then covered over with a clear nepheline style PH neutral glass for clean rooftop rainwater harvesting.

It is true that thin film technology is not as efficient as mounted panel solar (that creates holes in the roof barrier protection from the elements) but the lower cost of more, totally covering all angles of a Class One forest fire protected roof (instead of asphalt based shingles that burst into flame) from edge to edge, on a FoamKrete super insulated house, absolutely would qualify for government funding for finding new technology approaches and improvements to solar power systems.


Smart Roof Building MaterialIndustrial Mineral ReportsBoots on the ground mineral tour

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