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Historic Nevada Leadville District Silver, Zinc, and Lead Mine Claims For Sale

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Leadville District, Washoe County

8 patented (148 acres) & 12 unpatented mining claims (1 placer) in NW Nevada for sale, lease, or option. Located about 100 miles north of Reno & about 4.5 miles southeast of the Hog Ranch gold deposit.

Epithermal Ag-Pb-Zn veins with trace Au, Hg, Sb in Tertiary volcanic rocks.

Documented 1910-1927 production of 62,000 tons of ore with an approximate grade of 30 oz Ag/t, 10% Pb, 10% Zn, traces of gold. Rock-chip sampling has confirmed the presence and grade of mined ore. Drift and raise faces on the deepest level (800 level) were reportedly in ore when the property was closed in the 1920s. There are an estimated 75,000 tons or so of tailings and dumps on the property.

Sale/lease/option. Terms negotiable.

For questions about this property and technical documentation contact Steve Ristorcelli at or Anne Loring  at or call 775-856-5700.


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