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Win Group of Claims—Bowser Creek Alaska—Proposal

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A Reality Silver Bottom Line

The bottom line of the Win Group of Claims at Bowser Creek Alaska is that the owner, Barry Murray, desires for this project to go forward! For some time Murray has been open to a "for real" joint venture, lease option, or an outright sale.

Recently, following the problems that financial corporate markets have been experiencing he also has a few ideas how individuals could deal with him as an individual, to bootstrap their way through a "hand mining lease" into a wealth based upon the reality of solar, or survival, or safe haven silver. For information on this contact Roberta Dickerson of, at 503-753-5868.

The outright sale price has been listed for some time at 3 million US dollars plus a 2% GSR (gross smelter royalty) OBO. Or see the home page for Plan B

As the Win Group of Claims has a proven, measured ore body that include 800,000+ ounces of surface silver (see spreadsheet values below) boot-strapping by putting an adit into highgrade surface values, and using the ore wealth from this could provide the needed funds to do a drill program to prove the at depth values of the prospect without a great up front payment for the right to do so, any sort of due diligence will show that this supply side silver project makes a lot more business sense than relying on silver ETF "reserves" to meet the growing industrial needs of Asia.

Win Group of Claims Spreadsheet Values

Alaska Silver Spreadsheet Values

Barry Murray contacts: Phone: 503/753-5868. E-Mail:


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